tech tour

Tech Tour will take place on the afternoon of September 27 (Friday) in the offices of Guru Technologies. The logic underlying Tech Tour is simple – an undeniable connection exists between the spirit, fabric and economics of music and start-up companies, particularly tech-based companies. An astonishing number of employees of start-up companies are passionate about music (often local music), while an astonishing number of local musicians work at start-up companies. Why?

Perhaps start-up companies afford musicians a flexible work arrangement? Perhaps start-up companies are more accepting and diverse than large, multinational corporations? Perhaps the creativity of local musicians is a skill sought by start-up companies? Perhaps local musicians possess an uncompromised work ethic and ambition? The manifestation of such connection is the foundation of Tech Tour.

Tech Tour will feature three panel discussions, focused on issues pertinent to start-up companies, such as branding, minority empowerment, launching new products and cultivating innovation. In between each panel discussion, a local Philly musician or band will perform. Tech Tour is free of charge, only an RSVP is required. Details about panel content and performers will be announced in August. An RSVP link will be provided at that time.

inside hustle

If you don’t have a “side hustle”, then you’re likely not in the music industry. Unless, of course, your side hustle turned into your career. InSide Hustle is a collaboration of core parts of the music industry, directed at providing content and support to emerging artists and aspiring music industry professionals. Philly has started to break-out, or establish itself as a player in the national music scene, but much of the attention has been directed at our local bands, not necessarily our local music scene.

No doubt, the music must be the center of a thriving music scene, but there are other critical aspects of a music ecosystem required to build a music economy, such as artist management, record labels, independent venues, streaming services, radio play, recording studios and social media expertise. We believe that Philly absolutely possesses these critical aspects. InSide Hustle brings together some of the crucial voices, in a panel discussion and Q&A format, with an intent to convey information, relay experiences and provide a forum for interaction and relationship building.

InSide Hustle will take place on the afternoon of September 28 (Saturday) at World Cafe Live, in conjunction with the final night of Philly Music Fest. Admission is free, with an RSVP required (link to be provided here in August). While the specifics of each panel will be announced in August, InSide Hustle will feature a panel discussion on the Business of Music in Philly, then a featured Q&A with an established musician hosted by WXPN, followed by a panel discussion on Promoting Your Band and Building Your Brand. InSide Hustle will take place each year during Philly Music Fest, adding to and perpetuating a week-long celebration of music in Philadelphia.

The Business of Music in Philly Panelists:
Marley McNamara (moderator)
Dave Lory
Will Yip
Chris Radwanski
Dillon Minacci

Promoting Your B(r)and Panelists:
Mike Vasilikos
Will Toms
Maggie Poulos
Joe Sivick
Sara Parker

Featured Guest Q&A Hosted by Bruce Warren